by Polfer Hull Designs

Polfer Hull Design


About Polfer Hull Designs…

For the last 20 years shaper Ryan Polfer has successfully designed and shaped a high performance single fin surfboard that goes to the next level. With this patented design, Polfer Hull Designs (PhD Surfboards) through ‘Polf Tail USA’, offers an exceptional single fin ride that competes with all other competition and high performance multi-fin surfboards.



How It Works….

Most Single fins are fast and controllable to a limit, but by adding the Polfer Hull Design “Down Wing Rails” you gain control and thrust. This single fin surfboard can be turned where you want without the drag of trailing fins or additional surface contact. When a Polfer Hull Design surfboard passes over the water it uses the energy of the flowing water through the “Down Wing Rails” to create thrust and create tail lift. Like a water hose nozzle, the Polf Tail uses the thrust gained to push pressurized waterflow over the single fin. The fin is completely adjustable for a customized personal fit to your style and turning preferences.  Additional control is gained when the “Down Wing Rails” hook  up and bite in the turns providing maneuverability and control without the drag of additional fins or surface drag. From deep and fast bottom turns to high flying aerobatics, this single fin surfboard will enable maximum acceleration allowing a surfing experience unlike any other contemporary surfboard design on the market.