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Single Fin Longboard Review – By Board Riders Review

Single Fin Reviews

“The 6 3″ is unlike any board I’ve ever rode.No need for constant pumping, the natural speed generated is incredible.The lift in the tail allows for speed in any situation and buttery re-entries , landings from maneuvers. The adjustability of the fin to compliment the rocker to suit conditions is insane,it changes the angle of attack. Bowly, mushy, large , small your covered=QUIVER KILLER!”

– Mike McDermott, San Clemente, CA

“Polfer hull; nothing like it. It is so surprisingly committed for a single fin, generating so much speed it leaves me focusing on doing more cutbacks to tame the beast that it is. I love it. I am sure my thrusters will be retired now. I love how it just pivots around the 1 fin making it more natural on a wave. You are the man!”

– Dan Sullivan, Levittown NY

“After seeing and hearing the buzz about Polfer Hull Designs, aka PHD surfboards, I had to get involved. I got my 6’5” Polf Tail and love it! The feeling is unreal in the way this board turns and performs. Even it being a little bit bigger board, it maneuvers like a short board with speed and performance. I really love the fact that I can adjust the fin forward or back and change the performance in this board specifically for me. Truly a single fin design well built for todays surfing. I am very satisfied and recommend PHD to anyone. You will be stoked on it! Thanks.”

– Brad Fritt, San Diego CA