by Polfer Hull Designs

How it’s made

Ryan Polfer

All of our high-performance-single-fin surfboards are a culmination of over a decade’s worth of Ryan Polfer’s personal shaping research and experience. Every Polfer Hull Designs High-Performance-Singe-Fin Surfboard gets designed in a CAD program to your specification, run through a CNC cutting machine to ensure every board is perfect, then it is hand finished by Master Shaper Ryan Polfer before being glassed and delivered to you.

What sets a Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard apart from any other stick you might buy is the patented Polftail featuring “Down Wing Technology” which promotes thrust, hold, and drive you won’t find in any other single fin surfboard, and allows a more free-flowing style you won’t find in any thruster. For more reasons to surf a Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard, see videos here.

Every Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard starts off in a CAD program. All our designs are based around a magic formula created by Ryan Polfer. That formula was lost when his prototype board was stolen from him. When it was finally returned it was promptly scanned into a CNC CAD program so the secret formula will never again be lost. Every custom surfboard made starts off the original dimensions of the stolen surfboard and is scaled to your specifications based on your height, weight, ability and the waves you are looking to surf. From CAD Polfer Hull Designs can personally create for you any type of surfboard whether it be a high-performance-single-fin Shortboard, a fuller nosed small wave ripper, a funboard, longboard, or even a big wave gun and everything in between.

Front View Rendered Polfer Hull Surfboard in CAD
Close-up of a Polfer Hull Surfboard on a CNC Machine

After being finished in the CAD program, every Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard makes it way to the CNC machine which mills each board down to the rough dimensions ready to be hand sanded down to the final shape by Ryan Polfer. The CNC helps us to ensure that every board is consistent to the formula and specifications that were discussed at the time of ordering. It also allows us to design each surfboard to a certain volume range which is a more consistent in sizing each board to each customer. After being hand shaped down to the final specs, your Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard is ready for glassing.

Every Polfer Hull Designs Surfboard can be glassed to your specifications. We will glass your Single-Fin Surfboard as light or heavy as you want. We also can do Carbon Fiber reinforcements on the tail, fully on the rails, and under your front foot to reinforce the deck from the abuse of repeated airs. The type of glassing you choose affects the performance, longevity, and the ability to take a beating that your new Single-Fin Surfboard will be able to take. If you are unsure of how to specify your glass please contact us so we can help you decide what kind of glassing job you might need.

The fin is the last detail of a Polfer Hull Designs surfboard that affects the performance of your surfboard. The fins we provide were custom designed for our Single-Fin Surfboards. They should be selected accordingly:

7 1/4″ recommended weight 130 lbs to 160 lbs.

7 5/8″ recommended weight 160 lbs to 190lbs.

8 1/8th” recommended weight 190 lbs plus.

The Fin is adjustable and can be moved from front to back to tighten up and loosen the ride of your board. The adjustability of your ride is a true benefit of riding a Polfer Hull Designs Single Fin. Selecting a larger fin will give you more hold in larger more powerful surf, and a smaller fin helps loosen up the board to get it into positions a thruster won’t go.

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