by Polfer Hull Designs

The Air

This shot is from about 2014 taken by Mike Harris. Mike had just gone in from surfing Lowers. He was the mentor I had grown up with from Calvery Chapel Church. When I landed out the back I immediately hoped he had seen the air, wanting to impress him. I knew it was a good one. But I did not know he was a photograher at the time.

A few years later in 2016 while I was in Germany on New Years Eve he had posted the shot on Instagram.

take a look at the Instagram link here

I was very far away from surf, feeling landlocked and a surfing disconnect. So to see this picture was the best New Years Eve gift ever. I could not believe how high in the sky I was. The wave was three feet and I am a solid six feet above the lip. There was some Photoshop-issues due to Instagram formating at first questioning validity. But then I got the original and: I AM sky high!