by Polfer Hull Designs

The Shaper




Hello, My name is Ryan Polfer and I developed the Polfer Hull Single Fin Surfboard in 2004. I came up with the concept in 2003, and spent the last 20 years shape a more and more perfect the hull, and single fin surfboard design.

My Prototype Polfer Hull Single Fin Surfboard was 6’0 by 18″ with a spoon nose, and featured a fin box. I remember screaming for joy when I pulled my first air and felt the drive underneath my feet.   I was stoked!! I remember bustin’ some airs and getting some rail turns. Instantly I knew I had something that would free me from the thruster design, which I had ridden over 20 years prior

During those years, I worked for a motorized surfboard company, in the Research and development department and also managed the production line learning fiber glass and hull design there. While dealing with carburetors I learned about the “Venturi effect,” other hull design elements, and hydrodynamic applications which I started incorporating into my own surfboard designs.  It was a very stimulating environment that led me to start shaping the Polfer Hull Surfboards that I ride and enjoy today.

Testing Polfer Hull Behind a Boat

For the Polfer Tail I developed the hull bottom and learned about the rocker, volume rations, rail line and out line performance.  I also went through 10 different style fins and eventually decided to develop my own fin to get the best performance.  I had actually started with a Hook Flex Fin.

The drive that I get from the single fin, combined with the hull design, and the low entry rocker allows for extremely high performance. The Polfer Hulls would appear skatey but they are very balanced.  The footing distribution is 50/50 for performance. The venturi permits slight thrust and the true “down wing” hold, by speeding the flow of water over the fin. Rebounding from airborne maneuvers is extremely forgiving because the Polfer Hull has only one surface area fin and when it engages, sets, and drives into the next turn.

I am excited about getting this product to the surfing world! This single fin hull design surfboard will give pure freedom and will not track, unlike thrusters and quad designs. Freedom and performance of the Polfer Hull will enhance the sport of surfing, in the areas of shortboard and Longboard surfing alike.

We’re stoked!!

Aloha and God Bless

The Polf Tail: By Ryan Polfer