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Polfer Hull Designs’ Punt Gallery

The following videos showcase how the Polfer Hull Designs Single Fin Surfboard can unleash in you a new level of surfing. Find yourself surfing free from the constraints of multi fin surfboards, connecting your maneuvers from one to the next without the need for pumping. With less drag and fin contact points you can get up more speed, make more sections, reenter a wave from a top turn or an air more fluidly, and really push the surfboard into positions that a thruster cannot get into. Sometimes the best step of evolution is to take a step back and look into the past to forge a new future for surfing. Surf a Polfer Hull Single Fin Surfboard!

One Session at Lower Trestles
This is one session at lower single fin surfboards. patent #d616517: Never spins out on bottom turns. gets lift at the top of the lip. Fast and stable.
Single Fin Surfboard From Mars
Summer 2012 - June 2013. All old Quiver and Rocker. The newest production models, (2014) will be Super Chronic.
Single Fin Joy
High performance Single Fin sequences from Lower Trestles.
Polfer Hull Single Fin 360 Bottom Turn
Flow like an Alaia, but on a Single Fin.