by Polfer Hull Designs


I AM here to enhance your universe. Lets get a high performance single fin, custom crafted in San Clemente, under your feet. I am offering a new hull design that goes beyond contemporary designs. I have been developing the POLF TAIL for 9 years now. Imagine, the drive of a single fin, that will hold a much tighter turning radius than any standard single fin.

As the outline of the surfboard tapers toward the tail, in conjunction with the fin and “down wings”, there is slight compression of water, and then releases out the tail. The “down wings” enable the rider to hold super tight turns, And the design creates speed. Now, since we are dealing with a tail that works off of pressure, and there is only one fin surface area of resistance. It is also inherently, super forgiving coming down from maneuvers. And then holding drive into the next maneuver. Enabling rail to rail carving and better overall technique, is of the many blessings of this design. This is a superior design that will enhance the sport of surfing.

Prices starting at $400.00 for 7’0″ and under.
Or design you a longboard with the Polfer hull. Price for a long boards start at $600.00.
SUP’s $1000.00

(All boards come with a fin box and custom fin)

orders filled within one month. U.S. wide shipping!!!