by Polfer Hull Designs

Polfer Hull (Big Boy Delight) 7’5-8’6

The Polfer Hull Designs Big Boy Delight Performance Single Fin surfboard features either a pointed or rounded nose and will get the whole family into the lineup.  It contains the secret rocker formula to enable the most high performance single fin on the market today!   We will work with you to design your surfboard around your needs, create scanned 3D renditions for your approval, and deliver to you internationally the best surfboard you have ever picked up.

Prices start at $625 for 7'5"-8'6" Fin Included.


Polfer Hull Designs provides the latest High Performance Single Fin Surfboard developed over the last 10 years and is proven to your needs for today''s surfing and water board sports. Polfer Hull Designs'' Single Fin Hull Designs provide a clean fast ride without the drag of additional fins and promotes thrust through this patented tail design.

This Single Fin Surfboard is unlike any other. It promotes drive and speed through turns, an ability to make sections, and punt the biggest airs. Through re-rentry the single fin allows this surfboard to drive through to the next turn without the drag of the additional fins. The Polfer Hull Designs Shortboard opens up a whole new realm of surfing by removing the "guided feel" a thruster gives and allowing some of the newest and loosest maneuvers in surfing.

Base price is $550 which includes a complete High Performance Single Fin Surfboard, fin box, and fin.

Price: $625.00

Shipping: $0.00

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